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Clinically Meaningful  
for monitoring treatment response
and Quality of Life
Control of your
A continuum of care
to not losing time on
medication adjustments
High Adherence
No burden for patients
Just normally using their
smartphone and a smartwatch

Work with us to improve faster your population's
health and wellbeing

Are you treating people
living with Parkinson's Disease ?
Do you spend a lot of time finding the optimal treatment dosage and timing for your patients?

If so, you might be interested in our wellness solution that empowers neurocare with AI-enabled insights from everyday devices.

You can be empowered by passive technology and AI to detect clinically meaningful signs of quality of life and improve faster the population's health.

Koios Care is not a medical device and does not diagnose or treat any disease but can assist you gather more insights about how patients' are treated.

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